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Talon Home Services is laser focused on providing the consumer with the best solar, home improvement and financial solutions.... period!


Talon Home Services wants customers to have choices when it comes to how they finance their Home Solar Energy Systems. We offer the most popular ways consumers can pay for their Solar Energy Systems. As always we're here to answer questions about the options available for purchasing your complete system.

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Battery Storage

Take control of your energy usage by generating, storing, and managing clean and affordable solar energy with Talon Home Services. With this service, your TalonX Home™ will be complete, as you can enjoy a comprehensive package that goes beyond solar battery storage.

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Why Talon Home Services?

Your money should go towards quality equipment and a quality installation... not an inflated sales commission with a shady operation.

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Talon Home Services embraces the fact that consumers want to learn before they buy - be educated & informed - instead of pitcheded to.

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What sets a Talon Home Services HVAC replacement apart is we offer the absolute best warranty in the nation and quick repairs in time of need. Replacing your HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) system has several benefits:

Energy efficiency

Air quality


Comfort & safety


Employment Opportunities

Talon Home Services leverages three industries to enhance earnings, efficiencies and opportunities to consumers.

1099 Solar Sales Representative

Being a Solar Sales Representative with Talon Home Services allows you to have access to state of the art software, W2 installers and a variety of marketing and systems to help you focus on selling.

1099 Sales Organization

As with our Sales Representative, Talon offers many options for dealerships. Between the proprietary software platform, low EPC and no games & change orders, you and your teams can do what you do best and let Talon takes care of the rest.

Solar Installers

Talon has the highest paid W2 Solar Installers in California. With top-of-the-line trucks, management and tools, you can enjoy your job knowing Talon has you and your familys' back even when the work day ends.


Talon's state of the art Concierge system is for positive, talkative and energetic people who love to help others. This is not a sales position, but rather building a friendship, so every consumer has hands-down the absolute best customer service experience in the industry.

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