Talon Home Services believes that these days, consumers want to learn before they buy, be educated and informed, instead of pitcheded to. Many of these topics are being developed as we speak. Please stay tuned and keep checking back for deeper-dives into these topics.

Informational Videos

There's no better way to learn than to see it with your own eyes. Stay tuned for new material being made available all the time.

Solar Equipment

Not all solar equipment is created equal. From Inverters, Modules, Racking, and other parts, rest assured Talon Home Services will always use the best of the best.


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Talon Home Services makes it a point to be #1 in the industry when it comes to customer service (well in everything). There's no better place to start caring about a customer than offering the best warranty available in the industry.

Security & Policies

Talon Home Services follows the highest standards in technology, security and encryption. Additionally, Talon Home Services never sells your information to 3rd-parties.

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